Town Pond, Village Green, East Hampton


To Improve the quality of our waterways, Town Pond must be drained and dredged.

Life in this pond is being protected by Wildlife Rescue of East Hampton.

— Village of East Hampton 

April 27, 2021


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The Village Green, 1648, East Hampton

The buildings and landscapes within East Hampton’s Main Street Historic District recall important themes and periods in the history of the Village, from its founding in 1648 through two centuries as an agrarian community to its flowering as a summer resort. The Village Green recalls the very beginning of East Hampton. The settlers who arrived here from New England in 1648 laid out a broad common down the center of the fertile coastal plain beside Hook Pond. Their dwellings lined either side of the common, and on the common they built their meeting house. This compact settlement was typical of Puritan New England villages. The remnant of the 1648 common includes Town Pond, once a livestock watering hole, and the South End Burying Ground with gravestones from the 1600s.    

Town Pond, 2014.

North End of Town Pond of Village Green, 2018, with Gardiner Mill & Cottage beyond the South End Burying Ground. 

North end of East Hampton Village Green, 2019. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ East Hampton Village Green Portfolio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Archival Postcards courtesy of East Hampton Historical Society.



The Goose Pond, East Hampton , etching by Mary Nimmo Moran, 1881, signed by Thomas Moran.

Courtesy of the East Hampton Library.


Bedroom View, Moran Studio

Master Bedroom View, Moran Studio  


Photographs, except Archival, © Jeff Heatley.