Two simultaneous exhibitions focusing on the world of printmaking will feature giants in modern and contemporary art, along with talented artists from all over the world.  Both exhibitions, the brainchildren of Sag Harbor artist and master printmaker Dan Welden, combine to create a milestone event that brings printmaking to the forefront of art.

Presented with Inspiration Plus and Dan Welden.

Exhibits on view thru December 29, 2019.


International Masters /

Collaborations in Print with Dan Welden

Since 1971, Dan Welden has been collaborating with artists using stone lithography and etching. His studio, Hamptons Editions, Ltd., has been the home and birthplace of thousands of both young and old artists exploring the potential of the printmaking world. This exhibition concentrates on international artists that have collaborated with Welden over the years to produce original, high quality fine art prints. Each artist created specific works either directly on Bavarian limestone or with the Solarplate polymer printmaking technique.


Solar Impressions

The Solar Impressions Juried Exhibition features works by artists using Solarplates, a scientific breakthrough of light sensitive plates, invented by Dan Welden. Over one hundred impressions were selected from more than 700 entries from across the United States, Ireland, Israel, England, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Canada, Spain, and France. The exteemed jury consisted of Laura G. Einstein, manager of the Mezzanine Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alex Ferrone, artist and owner/director of the Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue; and Ron Pokrasso, Santa Fe artist and world printmaking traveler. Over 40 prizes were then awarded by the acclaimed international artist Eric Fischl.



(Middle Left Wall) Shadow Dance 1, Blue-Black, 2019. Carol Hunt. Solarplate. 38 x 33 inches. 


Dan Welden: “Solarplate, being my own innovation, is the steel backed polymer material that I use to create an image from concept, through development — using sunlight & water — and finalize by pulling a print on a beautiful hand driven press.” 

(Center) ‘American French Tool’ Etching Press.Manufactured by Conrad Machine, in Whitehall, MI. 




Crystal Series #s 5 & 6, 2019. Jennifer Lynch, Solarplates, 16 x 16 inches.


(Image to the left) Mati Hari, 2019. Craig Zammiello. Solarplate. 26 x 22 inches.


(Image left) Fragments of Entropy. Mark Lunning. Solarplate.


(Images far wall / Right Side) Continuum – The Horseshoe Crab, 2016. Lisa Mackie, Solarplate Diptych.



(Far wall, middle) After Lascaux. Elaine de Kooning. Stone Lithograph. 27.25 x 22 inches.

(Wall to the right) “Toxic Garden (Sweet Pea)” Roy Nicholson, 2013. Solarplates, 16 x 16. 



Dan Welden “Fairly Squarely” Intaglio 1997 33X43 inches.


Exhibits close Sunday, December 29, 2019.