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MissionTo provide an online, professional source of information devoted to art, architecture & preservation on the East End of Long Island in order to stimulate discussion, while providing a resource, current and archival, for residents and visitors. 

Launched November 9, 2012–Now in its 10th Year.



940 X 650 pixels (width fixed, depth approx)


360 Days from Date of Posting, or

180 Days from Date of Posting, or

90 Days from Date of Posting, or

30 Days from Date of Posting (for single event promotion)

— North Fork or South Fork, Full or Partial options, if preferred.

Walking Tour Portfolio Plate Tags available (Bridgehampton, East Hampton,

Sag Harbor, Southampton & Westhampton Beach)


To take an AAQ Resource Plate:

email Plate to size specs / AAQ will post & invoice.

See samples below.

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Resource Plate Perks

Resource Plate is posted, by category, in AAQ’s Resource Directory for length of Resource Term. 

Resource Plates may be changed periodically at no charge. 


Supplemental Pages 

This current offer includes two Supplemental Pages (940 width, 650 approx depth) at no charge for images of current / upcoming projects, text descriptions, schematics… Additional Supplemental Pages available at slight charge.


Daily Post Plate Tags

During Resource Plate Term, Plate attaches, singly in rotation, to AAQ daily postings of programs sponsored by the major cultural organizations on the East End & select locations beyond. So, may attach to Bay Street, then Parrish, then Guild Hall, then East End Arts…through the Resource Term (current offer).

For examples, please visit: AAQ / Latest Posts / Link


Resource News (only available to 360 Day Plate Holders)

During Resource Term, Plate Holder may post newsworthy announcements — awards, newsletters, publications, expansions — for three months at no charge. And, this option may be used multiple times during the Resource Term. No length or image restrictions, within reason. Resource News announcements are posted in Daily Post sequence and sent to AAQ subscribers.


——————- Other Options ——————- 

AAQ Portfolio Sponsorship

This option adds your Plate to a specific AAQ exclusive portfolio for length of Resource Plate Term. Only one sponsor / portfolio — these Sponsorships are available at slightly higher price & may be established with or without taking a Resource Plate, and added at any time. Sponsorship credits Sponsor on first page of Portfolio and attaches Resource Plate at end of Portfolio.

Example: Long Island Museum Carriage Collection / Sponsored by Riverhead Toyota / link.


AAQ Patron Donation

Any amount supports the development of AAQ’s Exclusive Portfolios

on Art, Architecture & Preservation / Restoration.

Patron donation (not amount donated) listed on AAQ website.

Patron Donations are very much appreciated.


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With AAQ’s Daily Posts, 150+ Exclusive Portfolios,

Subscribers, Monthly eBlast Mailings.

AAQ receives thousands of site visits / month from those

with a genuine interest in the art, architecture & preservation of the East End.








AAQ / Resource: 1708 House, Southampton | Bed & Breakfast

This Resource Plate has Supplemental Pages, including Text.


AAQ / Resource: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

This Resource Plate has Supplemental Pages, including Text.