This year we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Camp Wikoff, when a quarantine camp was set up in an almost uninhabited Montauk to help soldiers from the Spanish-American war heal from their wounds and tropical diseases.  One of the most famous denizens of the camp was then-Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, who would go on to become Governor of New York and eventually President of the United States.  In 1898, he was flush with success after his victory at San Juan Hill, when he and his Rough Riders, together with the all-Black Buffalo Soldiers, won the battle that decided the war.

To commemorate Teddy Roosevelt’s time in Camp Wikoff, we are launching a historical augmented-reality program, sponsored by the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.  The free app, created by 360XR, allows an animated Teddy to pop up and talk to you when you point your phone at various places on the lighthouse grounds. 


On the same day, at 2 pm in the LH’s Oceans Institute, we will present a brand-new edition of  BULLY! by Jeff Heatley, the only book that tells the full story of Camp Wikoff.   BULLY! traces the story of the Camp through newspaper articles, letters, speeches, and other public and private documents.  It is a gripping and unbiased account of a rarely told story.  The new edition, also sponsored by the Gardiner Foundation, is a great read.  Jeff Heatley will be there to talk about how his book came to be, to answer questions, and to sign books.


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