Places to Vist


As the weather warms up this Spring take a paddle out in Moriches Bay.
From the water you can see several Trust preserves.
  • Gunning Point Preserve – donated in 1988 by Romaine and Phillip Maloney
  • Jagger Preserve – donated in 1994 by Henry Jagger
  • Swan Island Preserve – donated in 1995 by Swan Island Associates
  • Tanner’s Neck Preserve – donated in 1991 by Frank and Joseph Savino
Totaling 34 acres, these four preserves in the Moriches Bay estuary are part of a vast estuary ecosystem that eventually drains in the Atlantic Ocean. The wetland is extremely important for reproducing native flora and fauna. In winter the marsh is habitat for NYS-endangered short eared owl as well as snowy owls. A diverse group of waterfowl also visit the marsh and its waters to feed during the winter migration.




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