Stewardship Update

Restoration Completed at Forge River Preserve

The Trust recently completed a floodplain restoration of the Forge River Preserve. This 4.6-acre peninsula was acquired by the Trust in 2014. The property, located directly on the Forge River in Mastic Beach, contains sensitive wetlands, wildlife habitat, and migration routes.
The property and structures had been badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Restoration began in 2018, when the house and other structures on the property were removed. Additional steps included invasive species removal and control from upland and shoreline areas. Beach grass and other native plants including bayberry and bluestem have been planted.
One goal of the restoration project is to protect the conservation of natural values including fish and wildlife and their habitat. The preserve is a suitable refuge for a variety of bird species including the New York State protected Downy Woodpecker, Great Egret, and Red-winged Blackbird. An osprey nesting pole with predator guard was also installed on the preserve.
To learn more about this project, contact Matt Swain, Director of Stewardship and Geographic Information Systems.


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