Masters of Shape:

The Lives and Art of American Women Sculptors

with Maria Ausherman and Carol Ward

Wednesday, June 26, 2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT

Masters of Shape: The Lives and Art of American Women Sculptors, by Maria Ausherman, with an Introduction by Carol Ward, and Photography by Steven Taylor, is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated book that chronicles the lives of pioneering women sculptors who made monuments often despite tremendous odds. The sculptures these artists created – and continue to create – show a desire for more humanistic ideals. Carol Ward and Maria Ausherman will explore what it means to be a woman sculptor and discuss monumental achievements.

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Library Zoom Art Workshops

Inner Visions Workshop

Wednesday, June 26, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT

Join Joyce Raimondo for a virtual program where we’ll discover how modern artists depict the unseen world—such as sound, imagination, emotion, or energy. Participate in a creative visualization exercise and create your own drawing or painting of this unseen world. Be sure to have your drawing or painting supplies ready at home. 

Offered by the Howland Public Library

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Composition Speaks

Thursday, June 27, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT

Composition is the arrangement of the elements of art in a picture. Discover Pollock’s groundbreaking allover drip painting compositions and creative ways other modern artists arrange the art elements in abstract painting. Joyce will then guide you through exercises to sharpen your understanding of composition. Have on hand scissors and glue, several papers for your pictures and assorted papers to cut and glue.

Offered by the Livingston Library

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Color My World

Thursday, June 27, 4:00pm – 5:00pm EDT

Explore the difference between light and pigment color mixing as you learn the “science” of color. Be guided to create a color wheel and explore gradations, tones, values, and complementary colors. This basic knowledge will improve your painting skills and make your artworks come to life. Have paint supplies on hand.

Offered by the Cutchogue New Suffolk Library

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Jackson Pollock Studio Floor

— Photographed, 1998, for the Museum of Modern Art’s

Jackson Pollock RetrospectivePhoto ©Jeff Heatley.

Photograph: Jackson Pollock Studio Floor / Prints for Sale

Enlargements to 8 feet / wood mount options.

———  WALL or FLOOR ———


Visit AAQ / Portfolio:

 Jackson Pollock’s Studio Floor, 1947 – 1952 / Uncovered, 1987

/ Photo for MoMA, 1998 / Prints for Sale 

First Day of Issue: East Hampton


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