This week, we continue to highlight the Southold Historical Society collection. We hope you are enjoying these little snippets. Please share with us any experiences and/or recollections you have related to the item we share.


The building dates back to pre-1858. Southold Historical Society is proud to be stewards of the Bayview School house.
Do you recognize this farm building? With the front door enlarged – it can be hard to identify the Bayview School house in this photo. The school was closed in 1926. Like so many other buildings in the town, instead of being demolished, it was reused. In this case, the structure became a machine shop on the Dickerson family farm. In 1990, the family gave the building to the town as a monument for the 350thanniversary. It was moved to the Historical Society in 1990 and is now used to teach the educational history of Southold.
May 29, 2013


Due to the rapidly developing situation involving the COVID-19 coronavirus,
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