Tesla’s LEGO Challenge
Win up to $1,000!

Announcing an electrifying new project for all ages! Use your imagination to build a model of Wardenclyffe from LEGO bricks, then submit your model for display in our Virtual Gallery where people around the world can admire your creation and vote on the best Wardenclyffe model!

Enter in Youth, Teen, or Adult categories and start the fun!

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NEW: Virtual Science Center

To support those isolated during the current pandemic, TSCW is offering mind-expanding virtual events for all ages! Visit our website and social media pages daily for online programs designed to enrich, educate, and inspire.


Thank you for supporting TSCW’s mission to establish a global center on the site of Nikola Tesla’s only remaining laboratory that will preserve, restore, and advance his legacy of invention and perseverance through education and innovation.




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