Join us this Sunday for the Storefront Book Bash! We’ll be hosting publishing projects from across the city who will be sharing and selling their books and other items. 

Participants include:

Canal Street Research Association, Wendy’s Subway, Primary Information, Coloured Publishing, Small Editions, Floating Opera Press, Vera List Center, Art Against Displacement, Interference Archive, New York Review of Architecture, Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, Montez Press, Montez Press Radio, Viscose, Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard, Research and Destroy New York City and The Architectural League of New York.

Brief book presentations include: Glass House by NO ARCHITECTURE, Field Guide to Indoor Urbanism by MODU, and more.

It will also be a chance to explore Storefront’s curated collection of books and exclusive limited edition prints by Bernard Tschumi and Lebbeus Woods. We will also release a new artist t-shirt by Canal Street Research Association. 

Come get your holiday gifts and support independent publishers!

Buy a Book, Become a Member!

Students and Storefront Members will receive 25% off Storefront items.

We will also be offering a free year-long Storefront Membership to students (with a valid ID) who purchase from any vendor!


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