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As many of you may be aware, the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, a site steeped in the legacy of the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, recently encountered a significant setback due to a devastating fire. However, our unwavering belief in the strength of community and our collective dedication to preserving Tesla’s extraordinary legacy drives us forward. In our commitment to progress, we are excited to introduce the “Bricks for Nik” Campaign, a special initiative that invites you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this iconic center of knowledge and inspiration.

Participating in the campaign offers you the chance to make a lasting impact on the Tesla Science Center. By acquiring a personalized brick, you not only contribute to the preservation of Tesla’s legacy but also become an integral part of the foundation propelling the center into a bright future. Join us in the “Buy a Brick to Save a Brick” movement, supporting essential remediation and redevelopment programs.

The bricks purchased through this initiative will be utilized in constructing a 1,800 square-foot patio adjacent to the Visitor Center, set to open its doors in late 2024!



• Purchase a Brick: Choose from our selection of personalized bricks that will be prominently featured in the new patio and on the walkways of Tesla Science Center, forever. Each brick is a symbol of your commitment to preserving Tesla’s legacy.

• Customize Your Legacy: Personalize your brick with a name, message, or dedication. Whether it is a tribute to a loved one, a motivational quote, or a company logo, your personalized brick will be a permanent testament to your support.

• Build a Path to Progress: Your contribution goes beyond the surface—it paves the way for future generations of scientists, engineers, and inventors. Join us in building a path to progress that honors Tesla’s vision of a world powered by innovative ideas.


Interested in other ways to help?

We are also running a TSCW Mission: Rebuild crowdfunding campaign with the hopes of raising $3mil that is needed as soon as possible to help mitigate the damage and begin the stabilization project to preserve the Wardenclyffe laboratory. The community has yet again shown that this project is a global effort and we have already raised $55K as of today. It is an incredible milestone, but we are not there yet.

Please help ensure the preservation of Tesla’s legacy by sharing the “Bricks for Nik Campaign” and our Mission: Rebuild efforts to help us spread awareness!

Together, let’s build a new chapter in the history of Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe!

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