We’ve put together a guidebook with easy tips to help you have honest conversations about climate change. Get your free copy of our Let’s Talk Climate e-Book today.

With global emissions at record levels and extreme weather on the rise, we can’t afford to be silent anymore. The latest scientific projections show just how close we are to a dangerous tipping point.

Studies also show the majority of us agree that climate change is affecting our lives and we need to act. That means your friends, family and neighbors likely feel the same way you do.

You and I and the millions of Americans who are concerned about climate change need to raise our voices now. Together, we have the power to make climate a priority in our communities and our government. 


Quick tips on talking about climate change.













So don’t wait. Download our free guide now to find out how you can do your part.

I know you’ll put these tips to good use — you never know how a single conversation you have can create a ripple effect. Thank you for all you do to support our mission.

Thank you,

Dave Strauss
Director of Membership
The Nature Conservancy

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