1798 Clock Shop, foreground.


Millstone steps to the front door are from Dominy’s 1804 Gardiner Mill. Rubble foundation includes stones salvaged from original. 


Clock Shop. The door is hinged on a removable panel, allowing a large opening to the forge room.

Door to Carpenter Shop.


Woodworking Shop.

View from the exhibit area into the woodworking shop.

The reconstructed timber frame of the Dominy house will be an area for exhibits and display of Dominy furniture.



View from the 1798 clock shop into the c. 1765 Dominy House reconstruction showing the exterior clapboards and corner board of the south wall of the house. 

Dominy House & Workshops / Update December 3, 2020

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AAQ / Restoration Portfolio: Dominy House, c. 1770, East Hampton

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Contractor: John Hummel & Associates. Subcontractor for the timber frame: New Jersey Barn Company Restoration. Design team — Robert Hefner, East Hampton Village Director of Historic Services, and Drew Bennett, D.B. Bennett, P.E., P.C. Consulting Engineer. Foundation stonework by M.O.E. Masonry, Inc.


Text provided courtesy of Robert Hefner. 


Photographs © Jeff Heatley.


AAQ / Resource: Lear + Mahoney Landscape Architecture