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New Preserve Dawns on Great Hog Neck

We’re excited to announce the recent purchase of 29.8 acres of woodlands from the Reese family. The new preserve, named after the family’s father, Harold A. Reese, is adjacent to the Trust’s Wolf Preserve (23 acres) on the Great Hog Neck Peninsula. The land, now totaling over 50 acres, will be available for you to hike and explore in the future as part of the expanded and improved trail system now underway at the Wolf Preserve.
We’re thankful to the Reese family for accepting a bargain sale on the property, and also to an anonymous donor who provided a line-of credit to the Trust for the purchase.
“Having been in real estate development on the North Fork for over 50 years, our family saw this property as an important opportunity to preserve land in an ecologically sensitive part of the North Fork and to recognize our father’s important contribution to the community. We are pleased to have been able to work with the Peconic Land Trust to see this land be open, available and contributing to the natural resources of the North Fork,” said Harold Reese, Jr. at the closing.
The area is included on the Peconic Estuary Program’s Critical Land Protection list.
Through conservation, the property will contribute to climate change resiliency by providing:
  • Continued carbon sequestration by the property’s significant woodlands
  • Diverse and healthy ecosystems that support a wide array of plant and animal species
  • Additional acreage to the existing, interconnected network of protected lands and waters to enable flora and fauna to adapt
  • Undisturbed groundwater recharge for our sole source aquifer
To see what other properties in the area are protected, see our interactive map at
To learn more about this project, contact Matt Swain, Director of Stewardship or Holly Sanford, Project Manager.




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