June marks the anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt’s remarkable service with the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War. On June 14, they embarked from Tampa, Florida, and by June 22, they landed at Daiquiri, Cuba. Just two days later, they were in the heat of battle at Las Guasimas. By June 30, TR had become Colonel, and on July 1, he led the historic charges on Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill.

Kurz & Allison. Rough-Riders, Col. Theodore Roosevelt, U.S.V. Commander. …  Courtesy of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation. 



Spring has arrived in Medora, North Dakota, bringing a burst of life and energy to the scenic town. As nature awakens, so too does the activity at the site of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, where construction is progressing swiftly. The warm, fresh air and blooming landscapes provide an inspiring backdrop for the dedicated teams working tirelessly to bring this historic project to fruition. With each passing day, the vision of honoring the legacy of the 26th President comes closer to reality, promising an enriching experience for future visitors. 


Mercer Mass Timber (MMT) is playing a pivotal role in the construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library by providing nearly 1,800 m³ of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam for the project. These sustainable wood materials will form the backbone of the library’s structure, with phase one focusing on the roof’s intricate design. In phase two, CLT and glulam will be used for various exterior features, including a footbridge and canopies that shelter photovoltaic arrays. MMT’s mass timber not only ensures structural integrity and aesthetic appeal but also supports the project’s ambitious sustainability goals. These include achieving zero energy, water, emissions, and waste, making the library a model of environmental responsibility and innovation.


View from the butte.



Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of the library is our theater, destined to host world-class programming within its walls. Situated to offer majestic views of the surrounding buttes, the theater’s core structure is now visible, promising an unparalleled experience for future visitors. This space will not only serve as a venue for educational and cultural events but also as a beacon of inspiration, reflecting the vastness and beauty of the Badlands it overlooks. 




Join us in the arena!

We’re making great progress towards our grand opening in Summer of 2026 but we still have a ways to go to raise the funds needed to complete construction.  Please take a moment and learn how you can support our work, become a founding sponsor of TR’s Library and leave a legacy for your family.



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