AAQ - EH Library # 3206+2 10068June 25, 2014



Children are the hope for the future.
The love of knowledge is the gift our library can offer them. 

What is a library? It is a space for all ages and interests; in which to think, ponder, imagine, delve, search and enjoy; learn a new language; reflect on a new thought or pursue an old one; explore the world of ideas; and send an email. It is a place for newcomers to be welcomed and immediately feel part of the community, or to settle into with a cherished book, newspaper or magazine on a cold winter’s day. It is a space to share with a small child and a first book; for someone who needs large print. It is a quiet space for a teenager with a school research project; a place where everyone can feel comfortable. It is a place for historians to read the primary source documents of our local history. It is a space to call your own — your own very special place — The East Hampton Library.







Photo of South Elevation, Jeff Heatley

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