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Pritam & Eames will host a book signing of the just-published Speaking of Furniture: Conversations with 14 American Masters on Saturday, December 14, from 3:00-5:00 PM. The book, which is published by The Artist Book Foundation (TABf) and distributed by Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. (D.A.P.) presents the candid stories of 14 exceptionally gifted people who chose furniture as a vehicle for artistic expression and, in turn, how their careers shaped a powerful movement in 20th-century decorative arts. Based on interviews conducted by Bebe and Warren Johnson, owners of Pritam & Eames, where all of the artist-craftsmen have exhibited their work, the book is also a record of the rise to national renown of a gallery started on a shoestring and sustained by an untutored belief in an emerging field.
In his introductory essay, “Defining the Field”, Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Charles F. Montgomery Professor of the History of Art, American Decorative Arts and Material Culture, at Yale University, establishes the defining features of the American studio furniture movement and places it within its historical context.  


Reviews / Speaking of Furniture


Glenn Adamson, Director of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, who says: “This book brings together some of the most intelligent and dedicated voices in American furniture history, and also provides a valuable narrative of the field’s most prominent gallery. Indispensable for anyone who cares about the recent past of handmade furniture, or its near future.”

Janet Koplos, former senior editor of Art in America and American Craft magazine, writes: “The impassioned voices of 14 makers bring to life the issues of the studio furniture field, from isolation to analysis of form to comparison with other arts. Led by the wise questions of the owners of the country’s major art-furniture gallery, their stories create a thought-provoking, sometimes Roshomon-like portrait of the growth and development — and personalities — of this creative movement. It’s an important history and a great read!”

And Jack Lenor Larsen, who has known Bebe and Warren Johnson, the proprietors of Pritam & Eames since its opening in 1981, says: “It comes as no surprise that the progenitors of today’s studio furniture movement have, after three decades of successful leadership, now launched such a grand summing up — a history that will become history.”



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