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“How shall we know it is us without our past?”
– John Steinbeck


by Wendy Polhemus-Annibell, Head Librarian

Huntington High School Baseball Team, 1911. (From the Collection of the Suffolk County Historical Society Library Archive. Image copyright © Suffolk County Historical Society. All rights reserved.)

Team members: Simpson, Latham, Hurd, Sammis, Underhill, Trainer, Shakeshaft, Conklin,

August H. Galow (team captain), Norden, Grumman, Ketcha, and Ott.


This image comes from our August Henry Galow (1892-1934) Collection. Gallow was a Huntington native who attended Huntington HIgh School and was captain of the school’s baseball team. He went on to the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, and then continued his architectural studies at Columbia University, New York University, and the Beaux Arts Institute of Design in New York City.



August H. Galow


A World War I veteran who served in the

U.S. Navy, Galow (shown here at age 25)

worked with some of the foremost architects in

New York City between 1917

and 1925 while also practicing in

Huntington and establishing

his own firm. Galow’s architectural

achievements on Long Island include the

Suffolk County Historical Society  building,

the Huntington Hotel, the Henry Perkins Hotel,

and numerous schools and residences in

Suffolk and Nassau Counties. 



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