OPENING JULY 4th, 2026


Near the Theodore Roosevelt National Park

70,000+ acres / Established 1978


The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will show

what we can learn from our 26th President.


The Elkhorn Ranch — T.R.’s home ranch — is known as the ‘cradle of conservation’ and the Maltese Cross Cabin — once a part of T.R.’s working ranch — stands at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the only one of the 62 national parks named for a person, let alone a president, will be a critical part of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library plan. 

Theodore Roosevelt lived and ranched in North Dakota for the better part of two years after the tragic deaths of his wife and mother in 1884. Roosevelt returned to the Badlands and Medora almost every year until his death in 1919. In keeping with Roosevelt’s experience in the region as a rancher, the landscape will continue to be grazed, encouraging visitors to learn first-hand about the past and vibrant future of ranching and grazing in western North Dakota.

Snøhetta, a U.S. and Norwegian-based firm, is the design architect of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. North Dakota-based JLG is the architect of record. JE Dunn has been named the construction manager, and Fargo-based Confluence is the landscape architect of record.

A grand opening is planned for July 4, 2026 — the 250th anniversary of America
and the Declaration of Independence. 


Prairie Restoration

The TRPL is pursuing an ambitious and significant prairie restoration project for our roughly 90 acres of land. The prairie in western North Dakota supports over 400 different species of prairie plants making it the second most diverse ecosystem in the world only behind rainforests. The TRPL’s native plant restoration project includes wild collecting seed of local genetic origin for nearly 150 specie of plants indigenous to the TRPL site, but for which seed volume and local genetics are limited. These collected seeds will be cleaned and then propagated in nurseries in order to produce hearty native plants that can then be transferred to the TRPL site. 



“I would not have been President had it not been

for my experience in North Dakota.” — Theodore Roosevelt


Our commitment to sustainability and harmony with the surrounding landscape has taken a significant step forward the pouring of concrete for our green roof. This innovative feature is not just an architectural marvel but a testament to our dedication to energy conservation and environmental stewardship. The green roof provides a thermal blanket that enhances our building’s energy efficiency while offering panoramic views of the breathtaking Badlands at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Snøhetta Design Architect | Renderings


Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of the library is our theater, destined to host world-class programming within its walls. Situated to offer majestic views of the surrounding buttes, the theater’s core structure is now visible, promising an unparalleled experience for future visitors. The construction progress captured in the comparison photos below showcases the evolution from conceptual drawings to the physical manifestation of our vision. This space will not only serve as a venue for educational and cultural events but also as a beacon of inspiration,
reflecting the vastness and beauty of the Badlands it overlooks.


Construction Updates / April 2024

Construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is making steady progress, and our innovative building practices are setting a path of conservation for the next century and beyond.

Intentionally working with the land and not against it, the TRPL will be the first presidential library affiliated with a national park, welcoming hundreds of thousands of annual visitors and serving as a gateway to the public lands that TR championed.

With net-positive energy, water, emissions, and waste performance, we’re using a low-carbon concrete mix produced locally by Dickinson Ready Mix. Seventy-seven percent of the concrete is a recycled byproduct of some other commercial processes, with most of it being fly ash recycled from coal burning at North Dakota power plants. The cement admix is from the St. Genevieve Plant in Missouri, the most efficient cement manufacturing facility in the United States.

At every step, we are getting closer to creating the place and destination that will inspire visitors to learn more about President Roosevelt’s enduring legacy and participate in maintaining the strength
of his pillar principles …

Conservation, Leadership, and Citizenship


As a leader, Roosevelt was beholden not to political pressure,

only his principles and ideals. 


His Square Deal program championed fairness across American society

—including breaking up trusts and monopolies, conserving natural resources,

and protecting consumers.


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